How to choose a blouse for heavy weapons

Until recently, I did not expect to wear Sari. I have thin arms and are not nervous and they tend to look unattractive with tailored blouses. Fat swells in the wrong place, otherwise it loses beautiful clothes. I started following some hints before sewing the blouse, which brought about a big difference in my appearance. This post is mandatory if you want to show off ethnic blouses with or without heavy weapons.

1. Long sleeve for rescue:
The easiest way to hide heavy weapons is to choose elbow length, one-third length, or long-sleeved dress. They are a blessing that hides the area of ​​matter and gives a chic and chic appearance. If you are wearing long sleeves repeatedly, indicate that fat is protruding from the edge and stop time. Long sleeves are very fashionable, they look very chic and chic. A suitably designed case is the key to the beauty of the blouse you choose.

2. Please wear the correct size:
Often, as you grow old you take years and change shape. Also, the trend will also come out. The most important thing is to wear a blouse sewn to your physique from a tailor made tailor. You can borrow your mother’s blouse, but this is a simple fix before organizing an important event. Please check that the blouse is correct. Otherwise, the arm that you do not want to exhibit will light up.

3. Careful selection of substances:
The fabric of your blouse will decide how it looks. A small person can escape with a blouse like hard cloth, wool, velvet etc. But those with heavy weapons would prefer to use fabrics with good draping like silk, rayon, cotton, muslin. This protects the body and adapts to the contours of the body.

4. Keep your attention away from the poor:
If you want to rock blouses, please choose a design to distract your arms. Rip on boat collar, small shoulder decoration, or trendy brooches – fine detail of your blouse can change them altogether and collect everyone’s attention. Oh, your arm is not an ugly woman’s story.

Choose a dark color:
This is not always possible, but there are major differences even if the color of the dark blouse or sleeve is dark. Bold colors like fat, black, red, cock, blue, dark green can work in your favorite place with big arms.

6. Avoid an eerie impression:
Large and tight prints can draw attention to extra pounds in your arms. Also, to realize the slimming effect, horizontal printing is not the best option. Instead, you do not need to predict the graffiti of your arms by picking less dense prints.

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