10 Saree Drapery Little Ladies’ Tips and Styles

The wedding season is here and it is the best opportunity to introduce your Sari (or steal a few from your mother’s closet). However, while wearing Sally you need to consider the print and drape style according to your personality. It may be a problem from time to time to manage Sari with small numbers. If you want to be small, Sally’s fashionista, here is the best tip for you.

1. Select the appropriate material
The material of Sally is very important as you decide by seeing Sari’s appearance. Choosing a lightweight material such as chiffon or georgette will help keep the body firm. You can also choose handmade silk or cotton sari. Heavy hair, Banarasi, Dhakai cotton saris are not generally covered. So these Sari can make you look heavier and shorter. However, when selecting these materials, you need to be aware of other points.

2. Wisely select prints and ruled lines

Choosing the right footprint for your body type is very important. Generally, short women are beautiful without big and heavy impression. Please choose a small, discreet print instead of selecting a heavy and continuous work with Sally. It looks elegant, you look slim and tall. It also gives the impression of height, so you can also select vertical stripes of Sari. It is also recommended that you choose thin and dark edges on thick and wide so you give air and short air.

3. Please remember the color
Dark shades are good for small women. Black brown brown Sally is good for a small woman, for a white lady. If you do not agree with dark Sally, please choose dark prints, applique, or other embroidery with transparent sari. Rani Mukherjee is 5 feet 2 inches tall and is often seen in black salis. Can you count now?

4. Combine with cuts of denim or petticoat fish
If you want a good look, please skip the old petticoat and wear jeans or pants under Sally. Traditional petticoat looks like a skirt. To obtain similar results, you can choose a fish skirt cut instead of denim. These options will not only improve your height but also help you to heighten your height by wrapping Sally around your body.

5. Please select the correct blouse
The right blouse is always important to perfect your Sally. First, choose something with contrasting colors and prints. If your sari is bright, choose a blouse that is largely embroidered, and if the sari is heavy, choose a light monochrome blouse. Blouses should not be too long or too short. Medium length blouses are perfectly in harmony with the waist. Since it is maintained very well, the blouse must fit snugly. Please choose a blouse with an elliptical cut instead of a person with a high neck. Vertical striped blouse makes you look big.

6. Drape problem

You can drape your sari in various ways and you need to choose something that looks bigger. Traditional drape style looks elegant and chic a bit with women. If you want to experiment, you can try Bengali saree draped style, Rajrani saree draped style or mermaid style saree drapes. You can try dotty style drapes, but please make sure that the curtains around the legs are firm and clean.

7. Tighten Pallu.
Leaving Plauen open can be a fashion disaster for short women. Fixing Pallu is always a wise decision. Put Pallu in the band and attach it to your shoulder to make it look neat and neat. It will also help you to show off your flat belly. If you are not satisfied, fold Sari in a chaotic way, as the abdomen is covered but the hand is free.

8. Wear heel

If you are small, the pin is a good option if you are wearing Sally. Shoes add height and highlight your appearance. It will help maintain a good attitude and add elegance to your appearance. Please select a square heel or a pencil stub in the corner. If you want to be brave, you can choose high heel boots.

9. Please choose the correct jewelry
Accessories are very important if you wear Sally. Please choose the subject of a brave statement and do not put many pieces on top of each other. To choose a bigger and bigger earring, please skip a necklace and choose a bracelet and a ring. They will balance your size so try wearing long collars and long earrings.

10. Straighten your hair
The correct hairstyle is important to finish your face in an elegant way. Comb combs on the back contribute to a high impression. High bread, soft braid or straight open hair is perfect for small women. If you want to separate your hair, please choose the separation on the side rather than another one in the middle. If you choose halfway, please try a solid bread or bread like Alia in “2 states”.

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