Ketubah and chuppah designs and fine art prints by Micah Parker

Over the last decade premier ketubah and chuppah designer and fine artist, Micah Parker, has developed a large following with his ability to creatively use various artistic styles. He has become one of the most popular ketubah artists in the United States. His works grace the walls of almost a thousand new homes every year. And with the exception of Antarctica, his works are on every continent.

This site is a collection of the majority of his work, most of his ketubah collection and his chuppah collection collection is available through MP Artworks and their Authorized Dealers. So please browse the various galleries below, and if there is anything that strikes your fancy, there will be a link to purchase it on MP Artworks' site.

 Ketubah Gallery : Abstract  Ketubah Gallery : Modern
In this ketubah gallery you will find ketubot created in various abstract artistic styles including expressionism and impressionism. All works are museum quality, limited-editions.

ketubah gallery : abstract
In this ketubah gallery the ketubot are done in modern artistic styles including pop art. Many feature the use of stylized Hebrew letters. These designs also feature bold color schemes.

ketubah gallery : modern
 Ketubah Gallery : Traditional  Ketubah Gallery : Double Rings
In this ketubah gallery the ketubot are more traditional in theme and composition. Most feature popular poetic phrases. Many combine Jewish symbolsim with multicultural ornament.

ketubah gallery : traditional
In this ketubah gallery you will find ketubot with the ever popular interlocking ring motif. Many of the designs display intricate patterns and detail, and like all our ketubot are limited-edition.

ketubah gallery : double rings
 Chuppah Gallery  Fine Art Gallery : Collector's Edition
In the chuppah gallery you will find chuppot of varying artistic styles with color schemes ranging from the subtle to the brilliant. Each chuppah is printed on silk crepe de chine.

chuppah gallery
In this fine art gallery the entire body of Micah's work is featured as full size, museum quality, limited-edition prints. Each print is signed and numbered and will last a life time.

fine art gallery : collector's edition
 Fine Art Gallery : Gift Edition  Fine Art Gallery : Museum Poster
In this fine art gallery you will find smaller versions of Micah's work. These are open edition prints that are perfect for giving as gifts forany special occassion or treating yourself.

fine art gallery : gift edition
In this fine art gallery the prints are offered as museum style posters. Each lithograph includes the artist's name and the title of the work. These are also priced to make great gifts. DISCONTINUED

view Fine Art Gallery : Museum Poster »
fine art gallery : museum poster
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